The A to Z Book Tag

Hey...Yeah, ok, I know this tag is very very late, but isn't it always? Plus, I actually, like, posted things this week, so I am improving at this whole "consistency" thing, I'm just not quite there yet 😛 To be fair, I've never pretended that I'm good at this whole blogging thing, so it can't be all... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tuesday: Books and Songs

Top Ten Tuesday is a bookish meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Did I just post a book tag where I recommend a bunch of songs to you guys and talk about books, like, a week ago? Yes. But I wanted to participate in Top Ten Tuesday, and audio is this weeks theme, and... Continue Reading →

OMG This Song Book Tag

So I said I would be posting a book tag every's technically 2:45am on Saturday. Ughhhh I suck at blogging, ok? That's the lesson of today's post. And every post for the rest of my life lol. But it turns out that deciding which of the 50 million book tags out there to do... Continue Reading →

Book Series I Need to Finish.

(Let's all just pretend that I posted this on Tuesday morning, when I planned to, instead of on Thursday night at 3am, thank you (and sorry I'm trash at being a blogger, I'll try to be more consistent).) So, I decided to write a list of book series that I've started but not yet finished,... Continue Reading →

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