Top Ten Tuesday: My First Reviews (this took an unexpected turn into unpopular opinion territory)

Cool cool cool, so, ummmmm...whoops, sorry, the review I've been promising you all is coming for the past three weeks will now be posted tomorrow. It's taken me forever to write cuz its fucking long, ok? You'll understand tomorrow. Trust me. On a far less I'm-literally-the-shittest-blogger note, I'm back with another Top Ten Tuesday! You... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Die For

Heyo! I'm back! I still low-key want to crawl back into bed and sleep for a thousand years, but life does this really annoying thing where it┬ákeeps going, so I figured I'd force myself to get back online, and hopefully I'll be completely out of this whole depressive funk by the end of the week.... Continue Reading →

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