The Liebster Award!

Heyo! I’ve never done one of these blog award tag thingos, but I’ve always thought they were such a cool idea, so thank you so much to Umairah @ Sereadipity for nominating me for the Liebster Award!! If you aren’t already following her, go check out her blog 😊

The Rules:

(1) Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.

(2) Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.

(3) Nominate 11 blogs.

(4) Notify those blogs of the nomination.

(5) Give them 11 questions to answer.

Umairah decided to answer and give 5 questions instead of 11, so I’ll only be answering 5 questions. I’ll still give 11 questions (though feel free to just answer 5).

My Answers:

(1) How do you choose which books to read?

I make a reading schedule at the beginning of every year where I plan out what books I want to read in the year and when I want to read them. I choose these books based on what new releases I’m most excited about, what monthly themes I’m doing (some months I’ll read LGBTQ+ books, retellings, books by a certain author, etc), what books my friends are telling me to read the most, and what books I have on my physical tbr that I want to read.

However, and I cannot stress this enough, I have never successfully stuck to this reading schedule. It’s less of a schedule and more of a guide. I’m kind of a massive mood reader, so when I actually go to pick up a book (assuming that I’m not in a reading slump, which is very rare tbh), I will first look at my schedule/guide (which always has way more books than I’ve ever been capable of reading on it, because I’m a masochist and love giving myself unnecessary stress) and decide if I want to pick up any of the books I’ve planned for that month.

If the answer is no, I’ll look at other months, and if I don’t want to read anything on the schedule at all, I’ll then look at my physical tbr. If I don’t want to read any of those books, I either download an audiobook, or am in a slump. If it’s the former, it tends to be a book that I’m not planning on reviewing, because I hate taking notes on audiobooks. If it’s the latter, I go scream into my pillow for a couple hours and then binge watch a random Netflix show (preferably one that gives me an excuse to cry).

(2) Which three book characters do you wish were real? Why?

Ok, in order to not be the most predictable person on the planet, I’m not gonna choose Will Herondale for this question, even though he would 100% be my number one answer. So my actual answers are:

Ty Blackthorn: first of all, Ty is literally the most precious human being on the planet. Secondly, I really really want to be his friend because I love him so much and I feel like hanging out with him would be the most fun. Like, I want to befriend all the forest animals with him, and solve tons of mysteries and read/watch Sherlock Holmes and discuss it, and climb trees with him and, seriously Ty, please be my friend. And thirdly, spending time with Ty would allow me to get some insight into what it’s like being autistic, which is something my non verbal brother isn’t able to really explain to me. So hanging out with Ty and getting to see and hear about how his brain works will not only give me a deeper understanding of autism as a whole, but might also offer me some more insight into how my brother’s brain works, which could bring me closer to him and allow me to support him better.

Mia Corvere: there’s not much I have to say about why I want Mia to be real. The simple answer is I want to date her. Please. She is funny as all hell, could cut a man without blinking an eye, and is hot af. Like, if that’s not everything I want in a partner, than I don’t know what is. Also, Mia and Mr Kindly are a package deal (fucking fight me), and I love him with all my heart (plus, I really need a shadow cat to sarcastically help me get my life together). So, if the universe could make this happen for me, I’d be eternally grateful, thanks.

Noah (his last name is low key a spoiler for The Raven Boys and I’m paranoid about spoiling someone accidentally and having them come for me so we’re just not gonna mention it): I firmly believe that Noah deserves better than what he got in that Raven King ending, so I’m pulling him into real life where we can rule the fucking world together. I really really need a best friend like Noah, who will play with my hair when I’m sad, and do weird and crazy shit with me when we’re feeling extra, but who will also fade into the background with me and chill and talk about deep shit or whatever when we’re feeling like just having a low key day, and I’m honestly mad af at the universe for not making this happen.

(3) Which themes or tropes do you dislike in a book? Why?

I don’t dislike any trope, as long as it’s not harmful (bury your gays or white saviours or love curing mental illness etc can all fuck off and die thank you very much). I personally believe that there are no good or bad tropes, just tropes done well or poorly. There are absolutely tropes that I tend to prefer (and/or be utter trash for), but I tend to find that there aren’t really any tropes that I don’t like.

For example, I probably would have answered this question with something like love triangles or instalove a while back, but The Infernal Devices and Strange the Dreamer are two of my all time favourite series, and TID is basically about a love triangle, and Laini Taylor is the fucking queen of instalove, so can I really say that I don’t like love triangle and instalove? It’s more that when these tropes aren’t done well, I don’t like them, but I could say the same for any trope. It’s just that these tropes tend to be done poorly more often. I’m thinking of maybe doing an entire discussion post on tropes, so if you’d like to see that, let me know.

(4) Who are your top three favourite authors? Why?

Cassandra Clare, Laini Taylor, and Maggie Stiefvater. For me to consider someone a favourite author, I need to have read and enjoyed (4 stars or above) at least two of their books (that aren’t from the same series), which is why the writing god who created Mia Corvere isn’t on this list, despite my high key obsession with him as a writer and person, because I am a garbage human being and have only read Nevernight (I promise I’ll change this before the end of the year). This is also why Leigh Bardugo, author of my favourite non-Cassandra Clare series, is not on this list, because I didn’t really like the Shadow and Bone series, despite my obsession with Six I’d Crows.

Cassandra Clare: is the author of my all time favourite series, The Infernal Devices, as well as one of my other favourite series, The Dark Artifices. Plus I did enjoy her Mortal Instruments series. She’s also coming out with The Last Hours series, which 100% will be a new favourite, so of course she is my literal favourite author.

Laini Taylor: the author of one of my favourite series, Strange the Dreamer, as well as another series that I loved, Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I don’t know when her next book is coming out or what it’ll be about, but I’m 99% sure I’ll love it.

Maggie Stiefvater: y’all know I’m legit garbage for the Raven Cycle, especially because it includes my all time favourite OTP (pynch). So when the Dreamer Trilogy comes out, I will deffo love that series with all my heart. But Maggie Stiefvater managed to make this list because I also really enjoyed All the Crooked Saints. I know some people weren’t that into it, but I actually really loved it, even if I’m not obsessed with it like I am The Raven Cycle.

(5) What do you think is more important in a book, well-developed characters or a gripping plot?

In general, I think it totally depends on the reader. I am personally a very character-driven reader, so well-developed characters in a book is a must for me. I’m pretty much the kind of person who will read about my favourite characters doing anything, even the literal most boring shit, and still be obsessed, because I just love them so much that I don’t care what they do. But if I’m not invested in the characters, I have a hard time caring about the plot, even if it is the most thrilling and gripping plot I’ve ever read. However, I’d obviously prefer a book to have amazing characters AND a great plot. It’s just, if I had to pick one to be prioritised, it would deffo be characters.

My Questions:

(1) What’s your most anticipated release of next month?

(2) What’s a genre you’d like to read more of?

(3) If you had to choose just five books to read for the rest of your life, which books would you choose and why?

(4) Who are 3 of your autobuy authors and why?

(5) What’s a book that you changed your mind about and why?

(6) What’s a book that used to be hyped that isn’t anymore that you think still deserves to be talked about?

(7) How do you organise your bookshelf and why is that method right for you?

(8) Do you prefer hardbacks, paperbacks, audiobooks, or e-books? Why?

(9) Who are your three favourite musical artists right now? Recommend some of their best songs.

(10) What’s a book that you want to be turned into a movie or TV show? Why do you think it would work well as an adaptation?

(11) What are the three most recent TV shows you watched and did you enjoy them?

Feel free to answer any or all of these questions. I know that 11 is a lot of questions to answer, so you can pick the first 7, your favourite 3, or the last 5 etc to answer if you want.


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As with any tag, you’re under no obligation to do this if I tag you, and you can totally still do this if I didn’t.

But yeah, that was super fun. I’d love to know what you guys think of my answers; do we have any of the same favourite authors? Are you also a character-driven reader, or do you focus more on plot? Feel free to answer any of my questions in the comments, I’d love to hear from you all. But that’s all for now, so I’ll see you tomorrow when I finally post my Muse of Nightmares review (yes I’ve been saying that for 4 weeks, and yes I probably won’t actually post it tomorrow cuz I’m trash, but I swear I’m trying. It’s already over 3000 words and I’m not finished. I have zero chill).

-Laura Herondale x

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    1. Thanks hun! Yessss Noah is so precious and my legit BRAND is being in love with Will Herondale so obviously he’s amazing lmao. But omg, I totally agree; I am, and forever will be, complete Cassandra Clare trash. I’m honestly DYING for Chain of Gold to be released ahhhh 😍

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