The Easter Time Book Tag

Ok, I know that I’ve already posted a tag this week, but it felt wrong to post this on any day other than Easter Sunday, so here I am. Quick update first: my phone is now letting me access blogs again, so yay! My computer is still broken though, so writing posts is annoying af because I have giant thumbs, I’m shit with the WordPress app, and autocorrect. But on a (somewhat?) brighter note: I have a Twitter now! I have no idea what I’m doing, and so far have just binge-followed literally everyone I’d heard of, but I’m @laura_herondale if anyone is interested 😊

Ok, on to this tag. It was created by Theresa @ The Calico Books, so definitely go check out her blog. And I was tagged by the lovely Jane @ Blogger Books, whose blog is amazing, so go check her out as well!

1. Easter egg: Name a book that feels like a hidden gem.

Look, I know that there are tons of people who have heard of/read/love this book. But I just feel like it’s not talked about at all and it deserves to be. This is literally my all time favourite standalone, and yet I hear never hear anything about it, and whenever I try to talk about it with someone, they haven’t read it. And I’m just here like??? Because this is a National Book Award winning masterpiece. Neal Shusterman’s Scythe series is hyped a ton, and I guess I just feel like, in comparison, this work of his is swept aside. But it shouldn’t be. I’ll stop babbling on, cuz I think you guys get my point, but if you haven’t read this yet, well, I’m low key questioning your life choices 🙃

2. Bloom: A debut novel you love.

This book is literally the only romance book I’ve ever given 5 stars. I’ve always been more into sci-fi/fantasy, but I do enjoy a good romance book when I’m in the mood for them, they just don’t tend to be favourites. But this? This book blew me away. Y’all know I’m complete trash for hate-to-love romance, so I’m sure it’s not all that surprising that this book was my new obsession for a solid month last year, but I genuinely did not expect to love this as much as I did. But then on top of that, I find out it’s a debut novel right after I read it? I mean, just, how??

3. Chocolate bunny: A book so good you didn’t want it to end.

I would gladly give up my firstborn for a third book in this series. I have so many thoughts on this book and it’s ending (which you’ll all be able to read when I finally post my review for it tomorrow (yell at me if it’s not out by then, I need to finish this review ahhh)), but, primarily, I just want more. The ending of this book was the end of one story, but the beginning of a whole other one, and I want that next story. Especially because I was desperately shipping two characters, and they didn’t even kiss, and I’m salty af.

4. Cheep, cheep: A book you bought for super cheap.

Ok, so as you all know, I’m extra af, so I literally looked at the price stickers on every single one of my books that I bought in Vietnam (books in Singapore are expensive af, so there’s no way any of them will be the cheapest). And the book that I got for the lowest amount of money was my paperback of Angelfall by Susan Ee, which doesn’t surprise me, seeing as how I got it at a used book store. But it cost me exactly 100,000 VND, which is roughly $4.30 USD.

However, because I take being extra to new levels, I decided I’d also try and work out which book I got for the lowest price compared to what it would’ve cost me if I’d gotten it online at Book Depository (the prices on which are what I’d consider to be pretty typical prices for books). And so I went through every single book I bought in Vietnam, converted the prices of them to USD, calculated the price difference between the price I got the book at and the BD prices, and found the book I got the best deal on. Turns out, it was this paperback edition of Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys, a book I literally only bought because it was super cheap, and (spoiler for my next unhaul) will be getting rid of before the end of June. But I originally got this for 184,000 VND, which is $7.93 USD, and the price on BD was $15.29 USD, meaning I got this book for approximately 48% off, which is a pretty massive percentage considering the fact that this was a new book that wasn’t purchased on sale. But yeah, I’ll move on from this question now, sorry 😆

5. Jelly Bean: A book you thought was just so sweet.

Are jelly beans an Easter thing?? Either way, Heartstopper by Alice Oseman is the actual cutest, most precious story I have ever read. It’s basically pure, gay fluff, with a little angst, because this is still me guys, but it’s honestly just so sweet and I’m obsessed with Nick and Charlie, and I need the next volume now, please?

6. Church: A book that changed your life.

If you didn’t see this coming from 127 miles away, then hi, you must be new here, my name is Will Herondale trash, welcome to my blog 💁🏻‍♀️ Seriously, I think I’ve told the story of how this book got me back into reading a million times now on this blog, so I won’t bother doing so again in this post, but if it weren’t for this book I would not be blogging right now.

7. Easter basket: A book filled with so many surprises.

This book is a fucking ride. Literally, the minute you think one thing is going to happen, the complete opposite thing does. I was honestly on the brink of a panic attack the entire time I was reading this, which sounds like a bad thing, but I was fucking here for it??

Ok ok so that’s technically all the questions, but, uhhhhhh, you can’t have an Easter tag without including a question inspired by hot cross buns (AKA the real reason humans celebrate Easter), so I’ve made one up cuz why not?

8. Hot cross buns: A comforting book that always cheers you up

Ok, so the rest of the books in this series do get really intense, but this first book is honestly just about the amazing friendships between the Raven Boys and Blue, and whenever I read it, I immediately feel all warm and fuzzy. These characters all just love each other so much and it never fails to make me happy.

Well that’s all the questions (+an extra one)! I’m not gonna tag anyone cuz Easter’ll be done with after tomorrow, and I’m not about to place a bunch of pressure on people to write up an entire post in one night, you know? But this was super fun! Easter Sunday has always been one of my favourite holidays, especially as a kid, so I loved answering these Easter-themed questions.

And if anyone was wondering, yes, Easter Sunday was my favourite holiday as a kid purely because of the chocolate. I mean, that’s all my family’s ever really done on Easter Sunday, aside from my dad cooking up a really nice roast dinner, so it was always basically just a day of my brothers and I shoving chocolate down our throats and then stuffing our faces with roast meat and potatoes. What kid wouldn’t love that?

But my favourite part of Easter wasn’t the actual eating of the chocolate. No, it was bragging to all my friends about how much I got. You see, my dad has worked for Cadbury’s/Mondelēz for my entire life, and because of that, he always used to tell us that he personally knew the Easter bunny through his work. And then we always got a shit ton of chocolate on Easter Sunday (I don’t know if it was cuz my dad got it free, or if my parents just spoiled the fuck out of us, or some combination of both, but it seriously was a lot of chocolate). So I’d always go to school the next day and list the exact number of bunnies and eggs and whatnot that I got and brag about how my dad was best friends with the Easter bunny, so it always gave me and my brother more chocolate than everyone else. Yeahhhhh, clearly I was a very humble child who was not at all ostentatious…😆

But yeah, I’d love to hear about you guys’ Easter? What did you do? What are your family’s traditions? Does your family even celebrate Easter? Tell me everything in the comments 😊

-Laura Herondale

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  1. I read a lot of romance because I’m constantly in slumps and want something easy to read but I definitely agree that The Hating Game is one of the best! It’s the book I think most people associate with me because I used to talk about it all the time. I need to read Nevernight! I’m just so intimidated by it AND I’m in a slump (shocker). I don’t celebrate Easter so I just sat in bed all day watching Princess Diana documentaries on Netflix and not reading lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I SHOULD read more romance, because it always helps me out when I’m slumping, and I am also in a perpetual slump. But I just don’t?? I don’t really buy many romance books, so it’s never an option when I’m slumping, but then I usually buy books on those v rare occasions when I feel like reading, and in those moments I’m all hyped for fantasy or sad contemporaries, and then I’ll fall into a slump before I have the chance to read them 😬 But omg I totally understand why you’d talk about The Hating Game all the time; it’s so so good. Dude yessss, you have to read Nevernight. Like, yeah, probably wait until you’re out of your slump, but it’s actually so good omg. But ughhhhh I am also in a slump rn (like I have been this entire year 😫) and I low key wanna slam my head against the wall as punishment for not letting me read. Also lmao, sounds like a fun day tbh. My fam couldn’t actually be bothered with Easter this year (we’re lazy, whoops 🙃), so I pretty much did the same thing, except I was watching random documentaries on YouTube about people with rare diseases.


  2. “I would gladly give up my firstborn for a third book in this series” ajdfkadjnf ok but now I really want to read this duology ?? I’ve putting it off for the longest time and I think it might be time to change that. AND WILL HERONDALE!!! My absolute favorite fictional character, I can’t wait for The Last Hours even though he probably won’t be in the series all that much

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg omg yessss you HAVE to read it. I would literally die for every single character in the duology, and the writing is GORGEOUS, and the world is so expansive and omg I’m OBSESSED. AND YES MY HUSBAND. I need TLH so so badly holy fuck. Like, Will as a hot dad? 😍😍😍 Though I am also really excited to read about Jamie, cuz from the few snippets and novellas about him that I’ve read, he is a perpetual mood.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YES, I’m so excited to read about Jamie and daddy Will! I can’t believe we’re going to have to wait until March next year 😩😩

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy Easter first of all! And love your answers! I also really love the characters in The Raven Cycle and I’m super excited to read The Hating Game as it’ won the best romance book this year – if I remember it correctly haha😂😂😂

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