The Liebster Award!

Heyo! I've never done one of these blog award tag thingos, but I've always thought they were such a cool idea, so thank you so much to Umairah @ Sereadipity for nominating me for the Liebster Award!! If you aren't already following her, go check out her blog 😊 The Rules: (1) Acknowledge the blog... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tuesday: My First Reviews (this took an unexpected turn into unpopular opinion territory)

Cool cool cool, so, ummmmm...whoops, sorry, the review I've been promising you all is coming for the past three weeks will now be posted tomorrow. It's taken me forever to write cuz its fucking long, ok? You'll understand tomorrow. Trust me. On a far less I'm-literally-the-shittest-blogger note, I'm back with another Top Ten Tuesday! You... Continue Reading →

The Easter Time Book Tag

Ok, I know that I've already posted a tag this week, but it felt wrong to post this on any day other than Easter Sunday, so here I am. Quick update first: my phone is now letting me access blogs again, so yay! My computer is still broken though, so writing posts is annoying af... Continue Reading →

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