The A to Z Book Tag

Hey…Yeah, ok, I know this tag is very very late, but isn’t it always? Plus, I actually, like, posted things this week, so I am improving at this whole “consistency” thing, I’m just not quite there yet 😛 To be fair, I’ve never pretended that I’m good at this whole blogging thing, so it can’t be all that surprising that I’ve already broken my “tags every Friday” promise. But I’ll try to stick that from now on (operative word there being “try”, because we both know I’ll fail lmao). Ok ok, I’m done trashing myself (for now lol), so lets get on with this tag, cuz it’s a fun one. I’ve been seeing basically everyone do this recently, and it looked really fun and interesting, so I decided to do it. This tag was originally created by Jamie over at The Perpetual Page Turner. But yeah, on to the questions:

A. Author you’ve read the most books from
Without a doubt, Cassandra Clare. Like, I’ve read 12 of her full-length novels, plus 2 of her novella collections, plus The Shadowhunter Codex, plus an extra two novellas from Tales from the Shadow Market (yes, yes, I know I’m behind, but we’ve already established multiple times on this blog that I can’t read for shit). But to put that all into perspective, my second most read author is Sarah J Maas, and I’ve only read 7 of her books plus a novella collection. Meaning that Cassie is ahead by a whooping 5 books, 1 and a bit novella collections, and a whatever-the-Shadowhunter-Codex-is.

B. Best sequel ever
Now, technically, a sequel would be any book in a series that comes after the first one. But if I had to choose between every book in every series I’ve read (excluding the first books), I don’t think I’d ever get past this letter. And we’ve still got 24 more to go. So, for decision-making purposes, I’m going to consider a “sequel” to be the second book in a series. And so I’m going with One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake for this. Now, do I prefer this second book over the second books in series I love more than this one? No, though I do love this book and this series. The reason I’m choosing this book is because I felt that, when compared to the first book (which I did really enjoy btw), this sequel was a phenomenal improvement, and the story and characters and world were all developed so much further. So this book really nails it’s job as a sequel, and because of that, I consider it one of the best that I’ve read.

C. Currently reading
I hope y’all aren’t expecting me to pick just one book for this question because, ummm, have you met me? I have the attention span of a bloody fruit fly (yes, I looked up what animal has the shortest attention span because I’m that freaking extra). So I can’t just pick up one book and read it and finish it without picking up 7 more in between. I have a bunch of books that I’m “currently reading” that I haven’t picked up for months, so I won’t bother talking about them, but I’m currently actively reading 4 books:
~The first is A Flight of Broken Wings by Nupur Chowdhury. I’m nowhere near as far through this book as I wish I was, and I feel horrible, because the author sent me a copy of this book 3 months ago in exchange for an honest review, and I’m still reading it. Yeah, I suck. But I’m hoping to be finished with the book and my review by the end of April, so look out for that 🙂
~Then I started Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor because I’m buddy reading it with a friend, and I’M DYING. Seriously, I will be the first to admit that I’m probably a tad dramatic, but I’m not even exaggerating when I say that this book is emotional torture in the best way possible. And because I’m very extra, I’ve already planned out exactly how I’m going to review this book and most of what I’m going to say, despite not even having finished this yet, so look out for that 🙂
~I was kind of hardcore slumping in January and Feburary, and whilst I have been getting back into reading this month, it was definitely a slow process. So I decided to start listening to Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan, because it seemed like a fun and easy story, and audiobooks always help me out when I’m in a slump. It has definitely helped with my reading slump so far, but I’m also now very homesick for Singapore, which I did not plan for, but I’m a mess, so are we surprised?
~And then I started Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi, originally because a friend and I were planning on buddy reading it, but she got caught up with work and ended up not having the time. But I’m continuing because I have some strong opinions that I want to share. This entire answer is basically me just hyping up reviews that I probably won’t be posting for 6 months because I’m trash, so let’s move on.

D. Drink of choice
Ummm, I don’t really have one? Like, I’ll drink whatever is there when I’m reading. Mostly a cup of earl grey tea, because I am low key addicted to the stuff. Or a bottle of ice tea because I am also very much addicted to that. Or a cold brew if I happen to be at Starbucks (watch as every person reading this from Melbourne shuns me from my home city for not drinking flat whites at some local artisan cafe lmao). But really, I don’t have a certain drink that I like drinking specifically when I’m reading. I just drink the same things I normally would, except whilst reading.

E. E-reader or physical book
Physical books for sure. I have nothing against e-books, and they’ve definitely helped me seem less awkward in public by allowing me to pretend I have tons of friends and am constantly on my phone talking to them, when in reality I’m just reading a book on my phone, but they just don’t work for my tastes as well as physical books do. A big part of reading for me is taking notes and annotating my books, and that process just is not as fun when I’m reading an e-book, and is more difficult for me. Not to mention the fact that all of my e-books are on my phone, so if I break my phone in the middle of a book, I then have to wait a million years before I can get back to reading it, and then I’ve already moved on and have to start again, and the whole situation is just frustrating (and has happened to me twice because the universe loves me).

F. Fictional character you probably would have dated in high school
Is this asking about a fictional character that high school me would have liked to date, or a fictional character that, if they were real, would have actually agreed to date high school me? Because the answer to the former is all of them, and the answer to the latter is none of them. But I guess I’ll just go with my default answer of Will Herondale because, ummmm, duh?

G. Glad you gave this book a chance
I’m going to go with Turtles All the Way Down by John Green for this. When I first heard that John Green was coming out with another book, I immediately decided that I wasn’t going to bother. I enjoyed his stuff when I read it a few years ago, but I’ve grown out of it, and didn’t really see the point in reading his new book just because he’s an author that I used to like. But then I heard it was #ownvoices OCD rep, and I am a massive slut for own voices mental illness representation in books. So I decided to give it a shot, and ended up giving it 4 stars. Now, it did have all the typical elements of a John Green book that I’m not that into anymore, and part of me noticed that and was all “yeah, this ain’t it”, but that anxiety rep was the fucking shit, so did I care? Absolutely not. This book won’t be for everyone, but it was definitely a story that felt almost designed for me and my anxiety-riddled brain, so I was here for it.

H. Hidden gem
This is kind of hard to answer, because I am very much a hype-slut, and therefore don’t really know of any under-the-radar books that are actually really good? I haven’t finished it yet, or even gotten that far through, but I’ve really enjoyed A Flight of Broken Wings so far. But I don’t want to answer with a book that I haven’t finished, so I guess I’ll just go for my default answer for underrated books, which is the Jennifer Scales series by MaryJanice Davidson and Anthony Alongi. Like, come on guys, weredragons. Weredragons! Literally, they’re like werewolves, but turn into freaking dragons every crescent moon. How could you not need that in your life? Especially when said weredragons are at war with werearachnids. Yes, there are giant spiders in this book, and it is awesome.

I. Important moment in your reading life
Discovering Cassandra Clare’s books. I had kind of lost my love of reading before I found Cassie Clare’s books, and when I read them, my love for reading was reignited and I found something that I could be passionate about during a time in my life when I just wasn’t interested in much at all. But I think I’ve told this story 29 times on this blog already, so I won’t bore you all with the details again.

J. Just finished
The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi. This was my second ever graphic novel and I ended up enjoying it, rating it 3.5 stars. I’ve reviewed it, so if you’re interested in my thoughts in more detail, you can read that here.

K. Kind of book you won’t read
Just straight up historical fiction. Those of you who read my last tag will know of my disinterest in historical fiction, but I can still see myself reading historical fiction books that have fantastical or paranormal elements, because those likely aren’t going to be as boring as regular ol’ historical fiction. However, books that are set decades or centuries in the past without any sort of magical elements to keep me interested put me to sleep just thinking about them, so no thanks.

L. Longest book you’ve read
Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare. It was nearly 900 pages of emotional torment and I was here for it.

M. Major book hangover because of…
My reread of the Raven Cycle. I started rereading the series last year, and finished the books early this year, and ended up in a massive slump for the first two months of 2019. I can’t even be mad about it, though, because the series is my obsession.

N. Number of bookshelves you own
One. And I desperately need another. There are so many books in my closet rn, purely because I just don’t have the space. I really need to unhaul some books, but I’m waiting until my family and I move in June to do so. After we move is also when I’ll finally be getting another shelf, so I’m very excited for that 🙂

O. One book you’ve read multiple times
The entire Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare, because duh.

P. Preferred place to read
I’m really not the kind of person who’s picky about where I read. I’ll read wherever I can. Though I do like the aesthetic of reading in a coffee shop, so I tend to go to Starbucks to read a fair amount.

Q. Quote that inspires you
“But hope rises like water trapped by a dam, higher and higher, in increments that mean nothing until you face the flood.”
This quote is from the story “Little Knife” in Leigh Bardugo’s short story collection “The Language of Thorns”. It reminds me that recovery is a gradual process. That every day, I will feel a little less depressed, a little less anxious, that I’ll regain a little bit of that carefree hope and happiness I had before all of this started, and whilst it may seem like nothing on the day, it’s still progress, and all that progress is leading me to a point when one day I’ll wake up and I’ll see exactly how far I’ve come, because I’ll be ok. Not better, not cured, but ok. And that makes all of the effort and money and time I’ve put into recovery worth it.

R. Reading regrets
Not annotating my books sooner. I used to be so afraid that if I dog-eared my books, or cracked their spines, or wrote on them, or marked them in any way, that I couldn’t be considered a real reader. That it was wrong and doing it would lead me to being shunned from the book community. But then I started seeing people talking about how the annotated their books, and how it doesn’t matter what you do with your books because they’re yours so fuck everyone else’s opinions, and so I very warily decided to try tabbing my books. Which lead to me annotating with pencil. Which lead to me annotating with pen, before going back to pencil because I preferred the look of it. Which lead to me highlighting and annotating with pencil, and occasionally tabbing books when I can be bothered, which is the system I use now and I love it. Annotating my books is one of my favourite parts of reading, and I only wished that I’d started doing it sooner, rather than being afraid of what everyone else would think.

S. Series you’ve started and need to finish
Ummmm, all of them? Seriously, I have so many unfinished series that I wrote an entire blog post about them. But if I had to pick one series that I need to finish, it would be Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. The only reason I haven’t continued on with Godsgrave is because I’m waiting for Darkdawn to come out. But I’m honestly so desperate to finish the series because I am obsessed with Nevernight. It was my favourite book of last year and I love it to pieces, and I just really need to know what happens.

T. Three of your all time favourite books
Ummmmmm, how the bloody hell do you expect me to pick just three?!? Fine, ok:
~Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
~Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater
~Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
These are my favourite books in each of my favourite series. I have an entire post on all of my favourite books, though, if you’re interested in hearing more of them (yes, I’m basically plugging every single blog post I’ve ever written in this tag, but if I don’t, then who will?)

U. Unapologetic fangirl for
Pynch. I shouldn’t have to say more. Ronan Lynch and Adam Parrish, as individuals, both own my soul. But put them together, and I pretty much die from an overload of emotions. Seriously, I am an utter mess when it comes to these two and their relationship. It’s probably sad to watch. Like, basically bring up anything to do with these two and I break down in tears and start squealing like a banshee. But I am not sorry, and never will be, because these two deserve everything and more.

V. Very excited for this release more than others
Why are these questions so hard?? I can’t even pick one release from autumn, let alone the entire year! So fuck this, I’m giving you my three most anticipated releases for autumn (yes, we are in autumn right now, fucking fight me).
~Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston: ummm, a very gay, smutty, hate-to-love romance between the First Son of America and a Prince of Wales??? How the fuck has Casey McQuiston managed to read my mind and write the book I’ve always wanted?
~Dark Shores by Danielle L. Jensen: meddlesome gods, a dangerous quest, heroes with dark secrets, thrilling sea voyages, political intrigue, a slow-burn romance, and epic battles; Give. It. To. Me. Now.
~Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kauffman: I’m Jay Kristoff trash (even though I’ve only read one of his books lmao), so of course I desperately need this. But this book also just sounds amazing??? So, ummm, can May hurry up and get here, thanks.

W. Worst bookish habit
Reading twenty books at once and never finishing any of them. Seriously, my currently reading shelf is plotting my murder and, frankly, I deserve it.

X. X marks the spot: Pick the 27th book from the top left shelf
Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff. Ummmm, yes universe, I get it, I need to read this, get off my back, thanks.

Y. Your latest purchase
Ummm, spoilers. I’m literally about to post a book haul, like, tomorrow, so I’m sure y’all can wait a day for that.

Z. Z snatcher–book that kept you up way too late
Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia. My mum came home from a trip to Singapore with this book, and I was so excited that I immediately started reading it…at 11pm. Now, I am an incredibly slow reader, and this book was over 400 pages…and I finished it that night. Let’s just say that my mum was not impressed when she came downstairs at 3am for a glass of water to find me balling my eyes out in the corner of our living room.

But yeah, those are all the questions. Note to self: next time, don’t pick an insanely long tag if you want to get it out on time, cuz you ramble on for fucking days, so it’ll take a while for you to write. Ok, but seriously, I was thinking the other day about the tags I’ve posted on my blog so far and I realised something: I’ve never once tagged anyone. You know, that thing that is literally the purpose of tags? To be fair, the idea of tagging people freaks me the hell out. Like, do I have to know you to tag you? And, if so, how well would I have to know you? Is everyone I tag just gonna be like “wtf, why is she tagging me, I’ve spoken to her, like, twice”? So I’ve decided that, fuck it, I’m just going to tag people who seem cool or that I’ve interacted with a little, or even complete strangers because why not? So if you’re here cuz I tagged you and you’re like “ummmm, what??”, well, there’s the explanation my anxiety forced me to write just in case you were all gonna judge me. Oh, also, I only know one way of linking people and websites and whatnot, so if this isn’t the correct way to link people that I tag, well, whoops? I think we’ve established on this blog that I have the technological knowledge of a 90-year-old women, so sorry :/

I tag: Caitlin Althea || Jess @crowing about books || Lais @The Bookish Skies || Mari @Musings of a Book Girl || Ashley Berg

Okie, cool, that’s all for now. So bye, I guess? 🙂

-Laura Herondale

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  1. Thank you so much for tagging me in this! I totally understand your anxiety behind tagging people, it’s something I experience too so usually I say “whoever wants to do it can!” but then I feel like a party pooper. So for what it’s worth, you’re always welcome to tag me in anything!

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  2. I can’t wait to do this tag! Even though I take months to actually do the tags that people tag me in lmao. Also I relate so much to tagging people! Like, will this person be weirded out because a complete stranger tagged them in a post? Also I haven’t even finished the raven cycle and I’m Pynch trash. I’m not kidding. I heard about them once and I was on board.

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